This engagement is for the structural design of a series of high quality architecturally designed modular pre-fabricated building types, led by the experienced team at FABPREFAB. Cross Laminated Timber CLT is utilised as a material for its inherent strength, panelised advantages in this case and carbon storage properties. This system combined with steel framing where necessary for lifting is an excellent match and the ideals of the project align well with SDA’s sustainability goals. Off site construction processes are a design driver along with waste minimisation and a light touch on site all coupled with structural optimised systems to achieve the most sustainable and cost effective outcomes. We are proud to be involved in the design prototyping and development of these systems and share the FABPREFAB passion for these modular systems with efficiency and sustainability as a focus.

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  • Houses Awards Commendations – Courtyard House – CHROFI with FABPREFAB