Barker College – Rosewood Centre

The Rosewood Centre is a new sports and learning precinct at the eastern end of Barker College and is a focus of the schools masterplan strategy. The new building is comprised of 5 sports courts, 12 classrooms, a new gym and 170 car parking spaces with a feature fabric awning to the perimeter of the 150m long building. Post tensioned reinforced concrete floors were utilised to achieve long structural spans of up to 11m between support columns and a steel roof frame truss system was used to span 36m across the sports courts. Extensive landscaping structures surround the building which also directly links to the school sports fields and the works were designed to preserve and structurally span over an existing facilities building on the site. The project features an extensive solar panel system across the roof, was constructed over a 2 year period, and was officially opened in June 2020.