Leichhardt Administration Centre

  • Architect:Stephenson and Turner
  • Client:Leichhardt Council
  • Value:$4.5m

This project with Leichhardt Council comprises a new two storey addition built on top of the existing three storey concrete framed council Administration building. A detailed structural appraisal of the existing building was undertaken to asses the existing structures adequacy to support the new upper floors, along with detailed ground investigation and stability assessment. The outcome of this rigorous structural engineering analysis provided certainty that the existing structure could support the new upper levels by utilising an innovative, relatively lightweight, composite steel and concrete floor and roof structural solution.

Features of the project include a lightweight concrete slab that was tailored to the project load constraints, weighing less than half of a normal concrete slab. An external cladding system of European specialist tensioned stainless steel mesh was employed to modernise the external facade of the 1970's building.

The lower levels of the building including the basement car parking were maintained in full use by council administration staff during the construction and the project was completed in 2010.

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