Vivid 2015 - Dolly & Glow Swing


With the commencement of internationally renowned Vivid festival located in Sydney, SDA Structures is proud to have been associated with two displays present at Vivid this year.

Dolly – Artist : Tina Fox

Located in Campbell’s Cove, Dolly is a 3-m high timber frame doll and is the resulting work of UK-trained architect Tina Fox. Made entirely from crochet, Dolly’s exterior is constructed from 6mm cotton rope woven to match the doll’s shape, a testament to the potential artistic nature of handcrafting. Dolly is illuminated internally using a series of LED strip lights and presents a wonderful visual spectacle for bystanders at night time. With her extra long arms and huggable body frame, Dolly provides an ideal photo opportunity for children and adults alike.

Swing Glow – Artist : NBRS+Partners, Fiona Venn

Swing Glow is a pair of swings that belt out light and sounds in time with your swing. Located in the park next to the MCA, the exhibit is the mastermind of NBRS + Partners. Head down for a swing!